During the DEFEA exhibition, a dedicated side session was convened with the explicit objective of facilitating an intellectual exchange between multiple ongoing projects, all beneficiaries of funding from the European Defence Fund (EDF). Each project was eloquently presented by a partner representative, which catalyzed stimulating discussions around potential synergies, overlapping elements, and collaborative opportunities across the projects.

This assembly of distinct projects served as a platform for garnering profound insights into each individual initiative, and their relationships with other concurrently funded . It proved instrumental in establishing meaningful connections among the participants, paving the way for the exchange of information that will be pivotal in subsequent, more technically-oriented meetups.

The essence of these interactions underscored the complementary nature of the projects, emphasizing the potential for mutual enhancement and shared success. We are enthused by the prospects that these collaborations promise, and we look forward to contributing to and benefiting from these synergies in the near future.