ACTING First End-Users Workshop 16-17 March 2023

On March 16-17, 2023, we successfully conducted the first end-users workshop for the ACTING project in Sofia, Bulgaria. Embracing the modern hybrid model, attendees had the flexibility to participate both physically and virtually, ensuring widespread engagement and inclusivity.

In alignment with the project’s steadfast commitment to addressing end-user needs, we took the opportunity to present the current status of the project to our end-users. Their feedback proved invaluable, affirming our progress and guiding our next steps.

Consortium partners also seized this occasion to engage in dynamic conversations, bringing depth and substance to the virtual exchanges held in the preceding months. The physical presence of some participants augmented the richness of dialogue, while the virtual attendance ensured broader participation.

Key decisions were deliberated and determined, taking into account the vital input from end-users. These decisions hold significant implications for the project’s focus and trajectory as we move forward. Our unwavering dedication to satisfying end-user needs remains at the forefront of our collaborative endeavors, guiding the ACTING project towards its strategic goals.