ACTING Project Kick-Off Meeting 14-15 December 2022

On December 14-15, 2022, the inaugural meeting of the ACTING project took place in Sofia, Bulgaria, marking a significant milestone in our collaborative endeavor. The meeting was attended by the entire consortium, assembled en banc, providing a robust platform for engagement and dialogue.

Each consortium partner had the opportunity to introduce their organization and elucidate their specific role within the project. This established a clear understanding of the collective expertise and the unique contribution of each partner.

Preliminary discussions were conducted regarding the project’s intended trajectory and the strategic steps to be implemented over the forthcoming 48 months. This facilitated a shared vision and consensus on the project’s direction and key objectives.

The physical assembly of the entire consortium fostered an environment conducive to meaningful dialogue. The presence of all partners enabled an enriching exchange of ideas and nurtured the collaborative spirit that underpins the ACTING project. The meeting reinforced our collective commitment to this innovative endeavor and set a positive tone for future engagements.